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My name is Choo Kah Ying. I am a writer/educator and a homeschooler of Sebastien, my autistic son and my inspiration. I am also a recovered sufferer of manic-depression. Both of these conditions have shaped the trajectory of my life and sculpted the landscape of my character. Most significantly, they have influenced my perspectives in my work and inspired me to create Awakening Minds©.


Sebastien, my son with moderate autism, has been donating 30% of the sales of his paintings to raise funds for the “A Mother’s Wish” Fund. A key activity covered by the fund is the 50% subsidy extended to families of individuals with moderate to severe autism for their participation in “A Mother’s Wish” holiday programmes.

Prices for these affordable paintings vary from $100 to $800, and the sizes from 9"x12" to A1 size.

If you are interested to purchase any of the paintings, please contact Kah Ying via email

(Launching date: Jan 12, 2013)



  1. A Mother’s Wish Pte. Ltd. is now a formally established social enterprise (registered with Social Enterprise Association). As our scale of operation is still small, we have opted to set up a private company for now. Nonetheless, we are still pursuing a non-profit social mission of helping individuals with moderate to severe autism and their families.
  2. I am also excited to announce our second “A Mother’s Wish” (AMW) Holiday Programme, with 50% of costs covered by the AMW fund and the remainder by families of the participants.

The holiday programme concept constitutes the first baby step towards our ultimate vision of creating a community that will provide affordable quality programmes for individuals with moderate to severe autism.

Through the holiday programmes, we aim to directly expose everyone involved to the “magical” experience of collective caregiving. Once again, we will have caregivers, service providers, assistants, and volunteers coming together to provide an engaging learning experience for groups of six individuals with moderate to severe autism. 

Concise Overview of Holiday Programme, June 2014

Based on feedback, we have revamped our format for the holiday programme in June:

Six participants will travel by public transport, under supervision (1 assistant/volunteer: 1 participant), to participate in ONE activity on each day of the holiday programme.

The public transport component is an integral part of the programme:

Targeted Beneficiaries (End-Users): Participants with moderate to severe autism, aged 6 and above. Depending on the demand for the individual activities, we will try our best to create groups within a closer age-range.

Programme Outline:

Monday, June 9th Lifeskills: Baking I (Bishan)
Tuesday, June 10th Creative Arts: Art (Serangoon)
Wednesday, June 11th Fitness: Functional Training (near MacPherson MRT)
Monday, June 16thLifeskills: Baking II (Bishan)
Thursday, June 19th Creative Arts: Music (Bugis)
Friday, June 20thCreative Arts: Drama (Orchard)

Costs (after 50% subsidy): $40 per day

Important deadlines: To enable us to determine whether we have a sufficient number of participants (6 participants) to run the activities, please take note of the following deadlines:

Details and Enrolment

To read more about individual activities and how to enrol your child, please click here.

To learn more about the service providers, please click here.

Contact info (for application form): or 8163-4509


"The day when we won't be around..." is the oft-unfinished phrase that we parents and caregivers of special needs children are all too familiar with. Once these words are spoken, they linger with an oppressive weight that cannot be easily dispelled. For within the pregnant silence lies is the tacit query that we dare not articulate, for fear of tearing up:

Who will be there to love my child, as I have loved him(her)?

This oft-unspoken reality is one that we often push to the back of our minds, as we get caught up in the daily grind and challenges of our parenting journey along the road less travelled. Much as I would have wanted to put off my confrontation with this prospect, I have now reached the crossroads of my homeschooling journey with Sebastien, my moderately autistic son, who is heading into his 17th year of life…



It is with tremendous pride and gratitude that I announce the completion of our inaugural “A Mother’s Wish” (AMW) Holiday Programme, Dec 16th–Dec 20th, 2013. During these five days, our six end-users with moderate to severe autism, aged 6 to 19, engaged in reading and writing, created unique Christmas cards, exerted themselves at the gym, created customised pizzas, and made music! 

Kudos to all the participants — our end-users, parents, caregiver and professional service, assistants, and volunteers (Hwa Chong’s Larkspurs who helped to raise funds for AMW earlier this year)!
Wearing signs that offered a concise description of AMW, we rode on buses & MRTs and asserted our presence in mainstream society. Members of the public read our signs and acknowledged their support with smiles and patience.  

Best of all for me, I was a privileged witness of the sense of community that lies at the heart of the AMW vision. Everyone pulled together, looked out for the end-users, stepped in readily to help one another, and did their best to engage the end-users. Though we were exhausted by the end of each day, we were rewarded beyond measure. 

Over the past year, I have often been asked what makes AMW unique. After one year of reflection and this holiday programme, this is what I can affirm:

We are NOT a service provider, NOT a school, and NOT an institution.

We are a COMMUNITY — a large family sharing in the responsibility of raising special children and teens!

Caregiving in a group makes the journey of raising our special children far less lonely! Caregivers should not have to do it alone…

Check out the brief summary of the holiday program and the photos here.

Fifty percent of the cost of the AMW holiday programme that totalled about $2,400 was covered by the AMW fund, with the remaining sum paid by the families of the six end-users ($200/per end-user for 5 days, $40/day for the 3.5 hour programme).

The AMW fund comprises:

  1. Sebastien’s donations of 30% of sales of his paintings;
  2. My donations of 70% sales of my picture book, All Because of the Hummingbird or the Horse; and
  3. General donations, particularly the contribution from MediaCorps Corporation (Channel 8) related to our appearance in Episode 8 of “Joy Truck".

Thanks to the sales of a few of Sebastien’s paintings and our first sale of corporate gifts featuring reprints of Sebastien’s paintings (see below) in the last two months, the fund stands at $15,120.23, after covering the costs of the holiday programme.

For those of you who have already seen Sebastien’s previous portfolios: Artism, Colours, Humanity, Nature, and Petits Tableaux I and II, you can check out Sebastien’s latest paintings in this portfolio.


After a month’s break, “A Mother’s Wish” campaign is back! Sadly, but predictably, the Ministry of Social and Family Services has decided not to collaborate with me for the campaign in any way (more information about its response in the next update).

Despite this setback, “A Mother’s Wish” campaign is pressing on, thanks to the incredible support that we have received from family, friends, and members of the general public.

1. “A Mother’s Wish” Campaign Fund (as of October 16, 2013)

The fund stands at $14,057.72 (thanks to our receipt of the payment from the “Joy Truck” show, as well as the sales of my picture book and paintings by Sebastien, my autistic son).

We have updated Sebastien’s painting portfolios. Sales of Sebastien’s paintings have constituted the most steady source of income for us. In our November update, we will share our fundraising ideas and hope that you can help us make them come true.

2. Announcing Our Very First “A Mother’s Wish” Inaugural Holiday Programme 2013!

With the help and support of a fledging community made up of friends, caregivers, service providers, and volunteers, I am excited to launch “A Mother’s Wish” (AMW) Inaugural Holiday Programme with 50% subsidy from the AMW fund.

The holiday programme constitutes the first baby step towards our ultimate vision of creating a community that will provide affordable quality programmes for individuals with intellectual disabilities (IDs) requiring lifelong support.*

We have chosen to shift our focus beyond autism to focus on individuals with intellectual disabilities (moderate to severe) and work with younger beneficiaries starting from age 6. To learn more about about our change in focus, please read the “Evolution of “A Mother’s Wish” Concept”.

In adopting the holiday programme approach, we will be ‘test-running’ the AMW community on a small scale, which matches our limited resources, while stretching them on a longer-term basis.
Concise Overview of Holiday Programme, Dec 2013

Targeted Beneficiaries (End-Users): Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (Moderate–Severe, aged 6­–18, 6 end-users in total, only 4 spots available)

Dates and Timing: Dec 16–20, 2013 (10:00 a.m. –1:30 p.m.)

Programme Outline:

Monday, Dec 16: Academic Learning: Literacy & Vocational Training (Ang Mo Kio)
Tuesday, Dec 17: Creative Arts: Art (Ang Mo Kio)
Wednesday, Dec 18: Fitness: Functional Training (near MacPherson MRT)
Thursday, Dec 19: Vocational Training: Cooking (Ang Mo Kio)
Friday, Dec 20: Creative Arts: A Musical Experience (Turf City)

Costs (after 50% subsidy): $200 (includes screening)

Deadline for Application: November 10th

To read more about the programme and enrol your child in this programme, please click here. To learn more about the service providers, please click here.

Contact info (for application form): or 8163-4509


It's been another busy month... 

Special Thanks to Larkspurs!

And this time around, I would like to give special thanks to Larkspurs, a group of Hwa Chong students who initiated the "Opening Hearts Changing Minds" campaign to help raise awareness and funds for "A Mother's Wish" campaign. Apart from inviting me to talk at the school, they helped to organise an exhibition of Sebastien's paintings, sold my books, and created badges, and sold iced gems to raise money. I am also grateful for the support of the Hwa Chong faculty who bought Sebastien's paintings (please check out his portfolios).   

Fund Update

Thanks to these efforts, as well as a generous direct donation to "A Mother's Wish" campaign, the fund now stands at $5,487.02 (as of this update we still have not received the $8,000 cheque from the "Joy Truck' show).

Purpose of the Fund

At this juncture, I still have not heard back from MSF or other related agencies. If nothing transpires from these negotiations, I plan to seek grants from the NVPC. Please write me if you have ideas for raising more funds. 

In the meantime, in order to stretch out the use of "A Mother's Wish" fund, while we still have no sustainable funding,I will likely begin with the rollout of a five-day, 3.5-hour holiday programme during the school holidays in December (Dec 16–Dec 20)50% of the costs of this programme targeted at 6 end-users (individuals with moderate to severe autism aged 6 and above) will be subsidised from "A Mother's Wish" fund. 

This small rollout will enable us to test out "A Mother's Wish" podular model that involves paying caregivers, assistants, and small-scale, but experienced, service providers for running group programmes. Moreover, we will be taking our end-users on public transport to cultivate their lifeskills and mingle with mainstream society. 

More details will be provided in early October, as the planning will commence in the latter half of September...

"A Mother's Wish" Spoof Video 

Each year, for Sebastien's birthday party, Jerome (my boyfriend) and I put together a recap of Sebastien's past year. For this year, we created a light-hearted spoof of "A Mother's Wish" campaign: a 10-minute film comprising video footages of Sebastien in action within the context of our comical 'speculations' of potential careers for Sebastien....


I will be taking a much-needed break (August 26–September 17) from the campaign. In the meantime, please forward this web page to others and help to keep this campaign alive. 



Thank you, MediaCorp Channel 8's "Joy Truck"!

What a month it has been! Our biggest surprise was being contacted by Media Corps to appear in Channel 8's "Joy Truck" programme, Episode 8 (if you are in Singapore, click here; if you are overseas, click here).

Through this opportunity, Sebastien and I got to share our autism story and homeschooling journey, which led us to "A Mother's Wish" campaign that seeks to provide affordable quality programmes for individuals with moderate to severe autism. 

Sebastien's "Raw Art" Updates

As Sebastien's art is our principal source of fundraising, I would appreciate you all spreading the word about Sebastien's art and the key role he is playing in "A Mother's Wish" campaign. He is doing his part for his future!

We appreciate your support in helping a moderately autistic young man to be both an artist and a philanthropist who is donating 30% of the sales of the paintings to "A Mother's Wish" campaign! You guys are making this 'little miracle' happen!

Here are the latest additions to Sebastien's portfolios. For all the updated portfolios, all the latest paintings are inserted at the beginning of the slideshow.    

Sebastien's art can also be found on the covers of notebooks that has been produced by a wonderful non-profit organisation called The Everyday Revolution (featuring art done by artists with autism), which can be purchased at: Sebastien is receiving a flat royalty fee of $200 for his art work in this project; he will also be contributing 30% of this amount to "A Mother's Wish" campaign.

Online customised card option (for just $10): This service is inspired by what I already do with Sebastien's artworks — inserting them into templates to create a unique online card for your loved one. Check out a sample here. I am certainly open to other creative ways that you would like to utilise Sebastien's art such as creating a poster. Do let me know.

Finally, for those of you working for large corporations that engage in CSR, please keep "A Mother's Wish" campaign in mind. We can explore different ways of raising awareness and funds for a good cause. Together, we can make Singapore a more equitable society for all. 

Thank you! High-Fives! Hugs! Kisses!


Update on Meeting with the

Ministry of Social and Family Services (MSF)

One of the interesting developments for “A Mother’s Wish Campaign” (AMW) — to promote affordable quality programmes for individuals with moderate to severe autism — was the dialogue that has commenced with the Disability Division of the Ministry of Social and Family Services (MSF).

In engaging the government in a dialogue about AMW, I am addressing a fundamental flaw in its approach towards organisations that provide programmes for the less fortunate, including individuals with special needs. Essentially, the government requires such organisations to be self-sustainable after 3 years, by which time all grants of any kind would no longer be provided.

Such as a system clearly has NOT worked, as it has led to the following adverse outcomes:

  1. Inadequate services;
  2. Emphasis of organisational survival over quality, with loss of quality solutions and wastage of grants;
  3. Inability to attract quality personnel due to low pay.

In order for the government to genuinely do its part to promote the dignity of individuals with autism (and all end-users), it needs to recognise that service delivery in this sector is a SOCIAL SERVICE, not CHARITY.

Here were the four central and interrelated messages that I conveyed in my presentation on May 6, 2013:

At the end of the meeting, I was asked to submit some figures for the costs of the programme (please check out the 24-page proposal that encompasses the current vision of AMW, which was emailed to the government on May 14). 

This division visited me at my home on June 4th to learn more about my homeschooling programme as an exploration of AMW community’s concept. As a dialog develops, I will continue to provide updates on the situation.

For a shorter version of the latest vision of AMW, please click here.

Objectives of "A Mother's Wish"

What lies at the heart of “A Mother’s Wish” is the uphill endeavour to create a long-term AMW community that can provide quality programmes for ALL youths and adults with moderate to severe autism, which are affordable to their families:

For those of you who do not have time to see the slideshow and/or read through the proposal, please check out my interim vision of “A Mother’s Wish”.

Calendar of Events

July 6-7 (Sat & Sun), 2–9 pm: Learn more about "A Mother's Wish" at SCAPE's "Share it! Community Service weekend":

I will be 'manning' my interactive booth: Take part in the 'game' that will help you to understand the campaign and reflect on how you feel about people with autism. The grand prize winner stands to win one of Sebastien's paintings and 3 honorary mention winners will receive  a copy of my picture book, All About of the Hummingbird... Or the Horse. It seeks to encourage children to understand and treat those who are different from the norm with compassion.

Tuesday, July 23, 6:30 p.m. (until July 25): Opening of "Everyday Action" Exhibition organised by The Everyday Revolution (TER) at the Marina Bay Financial Centre

Paintings by two artists with autism and products featuring the artwork of other artists with autism (Sebastien's artwork is placed on notebook covers).

A Mother's Wish past updates:

View it on Vimeo at

Taking Stock: Our Homeschooling Milestones and Reality Check

Over the past seven years of homeschooling, I have been an intimate witness of Sebastien’s transformation from an insecure, reserved, and withdrawn boy into a confident, expressive, and dynamic youth with a passionate appetite for life. Despite his deficits in abstract learning and language, Sebastien has learnt to take on his academic learning tasks with maturity and initiative. In addition, he has also been performing various household chores. Just as significantly, Sebastien has created his own sanctuaries in the lateral universe of inline skating and the world of colours.

Despite all that we have accomplished, together with the help of our loved ones and a handful of wonderful professionals, Sebastien is still held back by cognitive deficits; compulsions that few could understand; and occasional (decreasing in intensity and frequency) bouts of aggression. In a nutshell, Sebastien is simply “not good enough” to function independently in most mainstream settings.

However, this does not mean that Sebastien and other low-functioning individuals with autism should be banished to the fringes of society. What we neurotypical people often fail to realise is that it is not easy for them to live in a world that barely understands them. For we often perceive much of what they deem to be logical and natural to be socially inappropriate and unacceptable. Far too often, we are quick to label them as crazy monsters that should be locked up — out of sight, out of mind — when they hit out in frustration. Thus, we fail to see that they are also extraordinarily courageous people who can transform us with their unique sensibilities and perspectives.

Given a conducive environment, characterised by firm, but compassionate, guidance, low-functioning individuals with autism can astonish us with what they can achieve. As a homeschooling mother who has experienced firsthand the hardships, heartaches, and even the joys of raising Sebastien, it strikes me as morally unjust that my son and others like him are not given the opportunities and support to lead a fulfilling life.

How Sebastien and I Will Contribute

Sebastien’s contribution.

In recent months, Sebastien’s water colour paintings have generated some interest among people in the art world. We are hopeful that they will be able to produce some income for Sebastien.

At the same time, with Sebastien’s blessing, I will also be incorporating Sebastien’s Raw Art series (his water color paintings) into “A Mother’s Wish” in order to promote:

He will also be donating 30% of his income earned from the sales of his paintings and related products (art prints and other products coming up) to “A Mother’s Wish”.

My contribution.

I will be spreading the word about “A Mother’s Wish” through my networks and the media (both old and new); contacting interested parties, who could make the Awakening Minds Community a reality; and giving free talks about this campaign.

Along the way, I will be posting monthly updates on the progress of “A Mother’s Wish”:

As a start, I will be donating 70% of the proceeds of the sales of my picture book, All Because of the Hummingbird or the Horse, to “A Mother’s Wish”.

Hard copy (S$10 + mailing costs): please contact me at
Soft copy (USD$6.99, PDF):

What You Can Do

For now, the path towards the Awakening Minds Community remains to be defined.

What I possess is the knowledge and experience on diverse aspects of teaching and interacting with autistic learners, particularly low-functioning individuals. I am in the process of creating comprehensive training systems and organising affordable workshops to educate and empower caregivers and educators. But this is not enough…

Sebastien and I cannot do it alone.

Thus, we are seeking your collaboration AND/OR support for this cause. Whether you are a caregiver, an educator, a therapist, a policymaker, or a concerned member of the public, please:

Thank you in advance for your interest and support! May you also have a rewarding and fulfilling 2013 !

Sebastien's unique
celebration of colour

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